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On-site Support

A technical consultant can be deployed on client's site to provide special training for commissioning and use of the hydraulic jacking equipment and heavy duty transmission jack and transmission jack.

Stability Calculations

On the request of the customers, stability of the tank under jacking is checked by design calculation considering the diameter, height, weight, and number of jacks used. The maximum safe wind speed at which it is safe to jack up a tank is determined using these calculations.

Operation Manual

Operational manual containing the details of step-by-step set-up procedure and operating instruction is provided along with jacking equipment.

Drawing Showing Hose Connection Details

On customer's request, drawing showing the those connection for a specific tank can also be provided. A sample drawing for a tank is depicted below for reference.

transmission jack transmission jack transmission jack

transmission jack transmission jack heavy duty transmission jack

heavy duty transmission jack heavy duty transmission jack

Oil Selection

Appropriate grade and type of hydraulic oil to be used for the jacks, heavy duty transmission jack and transmission jack is recommended on the basis of ambient temperature.

Different Voltages and Frequency of Electric Supply For Different Countries

Motors with different voltages and frequency can be supplied to suit the power supply available at customers’ project location.

Spares Sent At Short Notice

The basic spares can be ordered along with the jacking equipment. Requirement for additional spares are seldom, still we maintain a ready to dispatch stock of all necessary spares to prevent any breakdown at customer's site. The spares can be promptly dispatched through courier at short notice to any part of the world.


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